My sushi workshop in Hakuba, Japan


The video was taken in Japan, at Sheltered Inn Hakuba (Nagano Prefecture), where I also host sushi workshops for our guests. You'll see MAKI, FUTOMAKI, NIGIRI, TEMAKI preparation and in the end you'll see how FRUSHI - sweet sushi - looks like.

Sheltered Inn Hakuba - when you love the snow and japanese food

Sheltered Inn Hakuba is a beautiful alpine lodge in the heart of the Japanese Alps, which accommodates 15 people in 8 comfortable rooms. Our guests are mostly Australian, then guests from Europe and a little from Asia.

Everything you need and nothing you don't.

Geoff Gibson, the owner.

Hakuba: the jewel of the Japanese Alps

Sushi workshop in Hakuba

I am working on the article about how I got to Japan, so this one is just a little teaser. Now I want to show you how the sushi workshop for our guests looks like. 

Few years ago I didn't know there is a snow in Japan, I mean a looot of snow in Japan - the best powder in the world. Guests from all over the world trying to find out, if it is true, are sometimes that tired after all day riding that only catering without workshop is the best option for them. 

And honestly, because of those sparkles in the eyes and that smile I have been doing sushi since 2008 :)