Sushi workshop

Your lesson completely in English in Czech Republic

Have you ever tried making sushi at home and it didn't work out as you wished? Me too 16 years ago. But I never stopped learning till I finally learned it all over the world from my tutors.

I offer you now my unique know-how, where you learn practial rolling skills, information about ingredients and I will also share some secret recepies with you.

  • I will show you how to cook and flavour the sushi rice according to my best recipe 
  • I will teach you how to make a MAKI rolls and explain what types of sushi exist (FUTOMAKI, HOSOMAKI, ...) 
  • You will learn the reverse roll, so-called CALIFORNIA ROLL (uramaki)
  • I will teach you how to hold chopsticks and eat with them comfortably 
  • Vegetarians are welcomed, as sushi will not contain only a raw fish 

Course duration: approx. 3 hours


Contact me if you are interested in sushi workshop in English language.

Take a look, how my students roll the sushi: